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(Pocket-lint) - The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the most advanced Galaxy smartphones yet. They are both available on EE. Here are five good reasons why you should choose EE over other networks for your next Galaxy phone.

1. It's a far-reaching network

The comprehensive, in-depth coverage of EE is solid and fast across the UK so you can make the most of your new Galaxy's capabilities like AR Emoji or sharing super slow-mo videos. Staying connected is a big part of using a phone to its fullest so the network that keeps you connected all the time is the one to go for. EE's aim is to deliver the best coverage across the UK. We’re not just talking towns, either. The award-winning network has 4G in more places than any other UK network to help you do more. EE's ambition is to cover 95 per cent of UK landmass by 2020. This means you’ll have a superfast, reliable connection wherever you go be it to the seaside, a festival field, or up a mountain.

2. It's a fast network

The new Samsung Galaxy phones and EE are a great fit. Both use the latest, fastest technologies to ensure your connection is stronger and more effective so calls will sound clearer and be better quality thanks to EE's 4G network. With a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9, you want to be connected at decent speeds, to make the most of the phone's advanced display and the new dual stereo speakers, for example, if you're streaming video. And with 4G Calling you can carry on doing all that great stuff while on a 4G call too.

3. It's great for BT Sport

If you like sports, then you'll love that you get BT Sport with EE. If you opt to pre-order the new Galaxy on an EE Max plan you'll get 24 months access to the BT Sport app. Essential plan customers will still be able to enjoy three months' free BT Sport too. BT Sports brings loads of the UK’s best sporting action, including Premier League footie, all on the UK’s fastest network.

4. It's a great network for roaming

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ both have an amazing new camera that features state of the art tech like dual aperture, dual pixel, super slow motion and optical image stabilisation. That's going to be perfect for taking beautiful holiday snaps that you can share endlessly on EE thanks to inclusive roaming.

Everyone on EE pay monthly plans get inclusive roaming within the 48 countries of the EU and if you're on a Max plan, you get inclusive roaming in an additional five countries too. To cover any countries above and beyond that the network also has data passes to buy as and when you need them. You only get charged on the days you use it and there's no need to remove it when you get home, either. [BR1] You'll get a message when you're approaching your data limit and it'll only give you more data if you opt for that. Complete peace of mind.

5. EE benefits: Data Caps, Data Boost, and WiFi Calling

EE customers can never go over their data allowance by accident, so they’re always in control of their spending. EE sends you alerts when you’re near the end of your allowance, and it’s impossible to go over your data limit thanks to the data cap. No more worries of a sky-high bill you weren't expecting because you got carried away watching too much Netflix.

Better still, if you're an EE pay monthly mobile customer, you can boost your mobile data allowance by 5GB. Or combine a Fibre Max broadband plan with a mobile Max plan and you get a whopping 50GB extra data for your mobile every month. 

If your phone is enabled for WiFi Calling, that’s another thing you can use on the EE network: it lets you make calls wherever there’s WiFi.