(Pocket-lint) - EE has launched the 4GEE Home Router, the company's first own-branded Cat 7-enabled Wi-Fi device. The 4GEE Home Router works like a regular Wi-Fi router, providing internet access to up to 32 devices, but it works on 4G mobile connectivity as opposed to hard-wired broadband.

EE says its router is capable of providing real world download speeds of up to 90Mbps, especially in the 150 towns and cities across the UK with 4G+ speeds.

The 4GEE router should provide faster internet access to those in less well-connected and more rural areas that don't currently have access to fibre broadband. EE says around 904,000 homes across the UK have download speeds slower than 10Mbps.

Because the 4GEE router relies on a mobile data connection, rather than a hard-wired one, it can be taken with you if you move house set up again in seconds.

The EE 4GEE Home Router can be ordered from today, on a free 18 month plan with various amounts of data per month:

Alternatively, the router can be bought on a pay as you go basis for £130 with 10GB of data preloaded. EE will put a data cap on all plans, so you can be sure you won't go over your data allowance, but if you need extra data, several add-ons are available:

Writing by Max Langridge.