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(Pocket-lint) - EE has unveiled its plans for a better-connected future in the UK. From working with businesses to enhancing connectivity, EE has high hopes for the UK's future.

The company reckons 4G value is estimated at £8.9bn. And it's growing. So there's plenty of business needs which will help drive the improvements of connectivity. Double speed 4G is already rolling out and covers 75 per cent of the population, while 93 per cent has 4G access.

EE currently works with about 500,000 business partners and that's growing. Uber is a famous partner that's reliant on the 4G connection and wants to help drive improvements. London Air Ambulance has improved its average response time by two minutes thanks to EE, says the company.

Despite EE's over-the-air data connections being faster than the average broadband in the UK, it's pushing further. So what can we expect next?


At the top of its list of achievements and plans was EE's focus on creating a 1Gbps line for testing in 2016. This will be predominantly for future business applications initially but will reach everyone in the future.

EE is preparing for a 5G world where great response times and latency are essential. Latency is a great target to tackle since this is a large issue for streamed gaming as well as efficient virtual and augmented reality. This connected future could open up the possibilities for plenty of future tech.

EE public Wi-Fi everywhere

EE has pointed out that one of the issues with offering Wi-Fi everywhere is regulatory problems. EE, having dealt with these regularly, is offering a simple 4G Public Wi-Fi In A Box for businesses.

This will mean a business with the box can simply plug it in and offer Wi-Fi to its customers, hassle free.

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EE police force assistance

Staffordshire police wants to be the most technologically advanced by 2020.

All police in Staffordshire will be equipped with mobile devices allowing them to be - well - mobile in the communities that need them. This allows real-time police database information, witness statement submitting and more. A crime can be dealt with in minutes, rather than hours or even a day – freeing them up to move on. This frees up about 250,000 hours of police time – the equivalent of having an extra 100 officers.

Vehicles are also becoming connected as Wi-Fi hotspots for boosted speeds for officers. It also allows the car to be reconfigured around the tech. So now when a car arrives on a crime scene that one vehicle can share Wi-Fi with all the other emergency services on the scene that need it.

Connected IoT platform

EE has announced that in 2015 it will launch the UK's first dedicated Internet of Things connected platform for businesses.

The EE Connect platform will allow companies to connect, manage and report on connections in the UK and around the world.

The first major partners announced here are Royal Mail.

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On site building

Currently any site that has new homes being built has to wait until broadband can be installed. EE has launched 4G Rapid Site which aims to tackle this issue.

EE 4G Rapid Site offers a 4G broadband service that can be installed in less than three days. That's compared to current wait times of about a month.

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More houses built more quickly should ultimately mean more affordable homes, says EE. According to Green Square homebuilders association Howard Topliss, "Being connected reduces contractor rates, reduces travel costs, improves carbon footprint, and gives an overall improved productivity."

NHS savings

Mobile tech improvements can allow for better communications between patients and care providers. This could, potentially, reduce unnecessary hospital visits and GP appointments by 65 per cent. This means a saving of about 3585 million. With a £2 billion deficit this seems like ideal timing.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 27 October 2015.