(Pocket-lint) - EE announced its free portable charger scheme at the beginning of April and said it was "coming soon", but it is now available to all of its network and broadband customers. The EE Power incentive launches today to offer a free portable Power Bar charger to customers which can be swapped for a new full one in-store when depleted.

EE Power will keep EE's customers charged up all day with what seems like a great idea, as long as you can get to an EE shop for the swap when needed.

The EE Power Bar has a 2,600mAh capacity, built-in LED torch, lasts 500 charges and takes 4-hours to charge back to full.

The EE Power Bar is free to EE customers who are either on a 30 day, 12, 18 or 24 month mobile or broadband contract or to Pay As You Go customers who have been with EE for more than three months.

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To get a Power Bar EE customers need to send a 35p text (send "POWER" to 365) which will tell them when their unit is ready to collect in an EE shop.

Once the Power Bar is used the owner can either keep charging it themselves and using it, or swap it out for a fully charged unit at an EE shop. This is free and can be done as many times as the person wants, says EE.

EE ran a similar scheme at Glastonbury last year. It must have been a big success for it to roll out the EE Power offering so soon after, on a national scale.

EE says that it's superfast 4G LTE is being used by more and more people to stream video, which is costly to battery. The result is EE Power which should allow its customers truly unlimited access to 4G data streaming – presuming they've paid for it in their contracts of course.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.