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(Pocket-lint) - EE, referred to as the UK's largest mobile operator, is living up to its name with a whopping 5.7 million customers added to the 4G network in 2014.

EE TV, which allows families to stream from a TV box to up to four mobile devices at once, wasn't even out when these numbers were achieved. Although EE did gain a hefty 1.7 million of those new customers in the last two months of 2014 alone.

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This number puts EE at 7.7 million 4G customers. It looks like BT purchasing the company for £12.5 billion is money well spent then, or it will be when the deal finally goes through.

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EE has been growing at such a fast rate likely because of its 4G coverage which it continues to plow money into. Also it came out on top for a lot of offerings in this year's Ofcom ranking, which likely helped draw in customers. Then there are those Kevin Bacon adverts, yet it still continues to grow.

This year saw the launch of EE's 4GEE plan offering pay as you go packs from £1. Also a lot of the new customers were actually conversions from the company's Orange or T-Mobile network that wanted to upgrade to 4G.

4G EE covers over 80 per cent of the UK population with 350 cities and towns added in 2014. The plan is to hit 98 per cent population coverage by the end of 2015. 4G+ was introduced in London and should roll out wider soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.