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(Pocket-lint) - EE is offering a limited edition pay-as-you-go 4G SIM card until 21 December in the UK that will give you 100GB of data allowance each month for the first two months for free. You just need to top it up with £10 a month for 250 minutes of talktime and unlimited text messages.

There is a catch though. The card is a promotion in partnership with Dan and Phil, the Radio 1 DJs and YouTube sensations, so you'll receive weekly promoted text messages from them.

If you like the boys though and couldn't think of anything better, then this is an incredible deal. And even if they're not quite your cup of tea, the 100GB of 4G data will come in very handy indeed.

You can sign up by one minute-to-midnight on 21 December to get the offer and you will need to top up the account by the day after you activate the SIM. After the two months have run out you can sign up for a new package to continue to use it contract-free, but you will need to pay for data in future.

EE is also offering a discount on all its carried 4G phones to owners of the limited edition SIM. You'll receive details of the offer the moment you pop the card into your handset (although, technically speaking, you'll need a 4G phone to begin with for that).

You can find out more about the offer on EE's dedicated webpage.

Writing by Rik Henderson.