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(Pocket-lint) - EE has just announced the Buzzard 2 which will allow owners to create an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot where they want with 4G connectivity.

The Buzzard 2 will be for both day-to-day users as well as business customers. It's primarily for the car with an ability to charge from the car's 12v power connector. This in turn has a USB port which means you can plug other devices into the Buzzard 2 so they get charged too, ideal if you're using phones or tablets.

The Buzzard 2 takes a microSIM, weighs just 50g and features Cat 4 4G connectivity.

The EE Buzzard 2 is £80 on pay as you go. If bought before 31 January owners will be eligible to get 100MB of free data to use each month. But for those wanting a little more there are pay monthly broadband contracts available from £10. If you stretch to a £15 per month contract the Buzzard 2 is free. Or if you're already an EE customer an £8 per month payment will allow it to be added to your 4GEE mobile Shared plan.

Christopher Traggio, director of PAYG & Connected Products, EE, said: "High-speed internet connectivity has become second nature for many families – both inside the home and on the move – so it can come as shock on car journeys when the children can’t access their favourite games or TV to entertain themselves."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.