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(Pocket-lint) - As part of its ongoing partnership with Wembley Stadium, EE has jointly installed an LED lighting system in the arch above the venue's skyline which was switched on tonight to show how it can be used in future.

The arch is just part of the many technological advancements happening throughout the stadium, and beyond its debut can be used during events like a giant Hue lighting rig to reflect different tones and moods depending on on-field action.

If a goal is scored it might turn the colour of the scoring team, or react to crowd noise or the amount of social interaction fans are partaking in at an event.

The incentive is part of a relationship between EE and Wembley to transform the English national stadium into the most technologically advanced and well connected stadium in the world.

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Having already doubled both 4G and 3G capacity in the venue and added a number of new antennas to help the 90,000 plus spectators keep connected during matches (at last count, boasting that 99 per cent of calls made were successful), the operator will continue its plans to expand inside.

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This includes the switching on of a 300Mbps LTE service by the beginning of next year, which will be available to those on EE 4G who sport Cat 6 smartphones. Unfortunately, those are few and far between at present - even the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus aren't Cat 6 - but phones capable of accessing these new data speeds will become available in more significant numbers over the next year.

It will also aid in the trial and launch of contactless payments and NFC-enabled ticketing, which Wembley hopes will be up and running fully by the second half of 2015.

The eventual goal will be to launch a 400Mbps LTE network to be installed first in Wembley Stadium in the coming years.

"Since we announced this historic partnership six months ago, customers using the network at Wembley have already uploaded the equivalent of 850,000 selfies, and streamed 400,000 goal replays," said Fotis Karonis, CTO at EE.

"We’ve added enough capacity to connect every visitor that walks through the gates, and we’re continuing to invest – more 3G, more 4G, Superfast WiFi and the capability to launch a multi-operator 4G service, supporting all the networks, means everyone with a smartphone can be connected at Wembley."

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Writing by Rik Henderson.