Going abroad is often like going back in time when it comes to connectivity. Scrambling around looking for free Wi-Fi and ignoring calls from unknown numbers is almost normal now. That’s why Orange has introduced Mobicarte.

Orange Mobiecarte Holdiay allows you to pre-pay for calls, text and data before you’ve even packed your bags so you know you’re connected when you go out of the door. Orange sells the Mobicarte deal for €40 (£34) which will get you 120 minutes of calls, 1000 international texts, and 1GB of mobile data. And if you run out you can get the same amount again for €30. A bundle lasts for 14 days so should be enough to cover most holidays.

What’s the catch? As the headline says this is a France-only deal right now. But with Orange Wi-Fi and Orange GPS navigation also included it’s a pretty good one.

Let’s hope this proves popular enough to be extended to other countries soon.