As well as completely restructuring its 4G price plans and launching a new 4G pay-as-you-go handset plan, EE has teased that it is testing new 4G technology in London that allows for mobile broadband speeds of up to 300Mbps.

Currently, the network offers speeds of up to 30Mbps in 97 cities and towns connected to its 4G network, and double speed services of up to 60Mbps in 20 more, so 300Mbps is a significant leap for EE and the UK's 4G capability in general.

It will reveal further plans on the London trial in November, but has confirmed that it will be looking towards a wider rollout in 2014.

"The EE network is already the joint fastest in the world," says the company. "This move will make the network the number one for speed."

Also to be revealed soon are plans to bring broadband to rural areas not already covered by fixed services. This is part of EE's 4G-powered broadband plans.

"This will offer huge benefits to rural areas and reaffirms EE's commitment to bringing 4G to as many people as possible. Further details on the plans will be announced in due course," it says.