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(Pocket-lint) - In addition to restructuring its handset pay monthly price plans, EE has launched the UK's first 4G pay as you go handset tariffs.

It claims this will open up the market to the estimated 40 per cent of mobile users who would rather adopt a more flexible plan. All pay monthly 4G-ready smartphones will be available as PAYG handsets too, with EE recommending the Alcatel One Touch Idol S from £129.99 or the Nokia Lumia 625 as good entry-level devices.

How much you wish to pay depends on the bundles you opt for. There are bundles for monthly data, minutes and texts. The data starts at £3 for 100MB of data for 30 days, rising to £30 for 10GB. Talk time starts at £3 for 100 minutes for 30 days, rising to £10 for 500 minutes. And texts start at £2 for 400 texts, with the only other option being £5 for 3,000 texts.

Therefore, should you want minutes, texts and data and only want the bare minimum, it would cost you £8, and the full-on bundle selection would set you back £45.

To be honest, 100MB is hardly worth the 4G data speeds, so we'd expect you would at least plump for 1GB for £10.

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If you take a 4GB bundle or greater, you will get EE's fastest speeds possible - currently up to 60Mbps in certain areas of the country. And to help launch the PAYG plans, EE is currently offering a free 10GB to every customer signing up for use over 90 days. You could use it all at once or stagger it out across the three months, it's up to you.

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Additionally, EE is running a promotion until 31 January 2014. If you sign up for one of its 4GEE PAYG plans by then you will get 2014 free minutes of talktime, spread out across the year as 168 minutes per month.

The 4GEE pay as you go plans will be available from 30 October from ee.co.uk and the network's high street stores.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 October 2013.