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(Pocket-lint) - EE has already announced that this coming weekend's Glastonbury festival will be the first to feature on-site 4G wireless internet for festival-goers on EE 4G data plans to tweet, use Facebook and post pictures faster than ever before. Now it has revealed that there will be a way for non-EE customers to experience 4G signals at the event too: it will be sending around a modified eco-friendly tractor that will be a superfast mobile hotspot.

Having customised one of the Glastonbury Worthy Farm site's own New Holland eco tractors, EE will be driving it around the fields so that people can connect and use its internet signals for free. Smartphone or tablet users will be able to hook up to the Wi-Fi signal emanating from the tractor anywhere within 10 metres behind the cab, and then use its 4G signal to get a faster internet connection than if they used 3G on their phones.

The company will be tweeting out the tractor's locations throughout the weekend via its @EE Twitter account, so check it out if you are at the event and want to make use of the service.

"We couldn't be more excited about this year's Glastonbury where we will be installing the first ever superfast 4G network at a UK festival to help those on site stay connected," said Spencer McHugh, EE's brand director.

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"Our 4G Tractor demonstrates the innovative approach we're taking to bring the fastest mobile internet speeds to the UK in a uniquely Glastonbury way and uses similar technology to our fleet of 4G cabs trialled earlier this year. We hope festival-goers enjoy logging on to the EE-pimped eco-tractor if they see it over the weekend."

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 24 June 2013.