EE has posted its first quarter 2013 financial report and the most interesting statistic is that 318,000 UK residents have switched to 4G since the service launched in October last year.

The network, which holds the majority amount of 4G spectrum in the country, at 36 per cent, also revealed that 1,600 business customers also use its 4G services, including RAC, Reed and PA News.

It says that 93 per cent of its new and upgraded customers have now switched to a smartphone, on its 3G (T-Mobile and Orange) and 4G plans, while 42 per cent of those phones are 4G-ready. It plans, therefore, to attempt to convert its existing T-Mobile and Orange customer base with 4G-enabled handsets to EE 4G plans. It will promote the benefits of 4G mobile broadband in areas with coverage.

EE will be expanding its 4G business over 2013, having acquired two times 5MHz of 800MHz and two times 35MHz of 2.6GHz spectrum for £589 million in the recent Ofcom LTE bands auction. These are added to the 1800MHz spectrum band it is currently using for the service.