Special 4G-enabled black taxis will begin cruising the streets of London and Birmingham from 2 April,  bringing speedy connections to commuters via in-cab Wi-Fi on EE's 4G network.

You could use your mobile phone, but if speed is what you need, hopping in a taxi might just solve your problems. Think of them a bit like mobile internet cafes.

"The first motorised black cabs hit the streets in 1901, nearly 70 years before the first smartphone was available to consumers, now we are bringing this icon of British transport into the 21st century with a 4G make-over," said Spencer McHugh, EE's director of brand.

"We hope this trial will demonstrate the benefits of a superior online experience as users can browse, download, catch up on emails, tweet and check Facebook at the speed of light. We can’t make taxi journeys any faster but we can certainly speed up people’s smartphones.”

The free trial will take place over three months across 40 taxis in London and 10 in Birmingham. There are approximately 22,000 black taxis in London, so if you hop in a 4G-enabled one, send us a picture of you  getting connected.