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(Pocket-lint) - Officially launched by Orange today, Libon is an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application that, like Viber and Skype (to an extent), allows you to make high-definition calls over an internet connection for free. It's available on the iTunes App Store now and is also coming to Android early next year.

Using the app, callers can speak to other Libon users anywhere in the world and it works over both Wi-Fi and 3G (or 4G in capable areas using the iPhone 5, presumably). The calls are high quality (high definition and crystal clear, claims Orange). It also offers free text messages between Libon-linked devices through its instant messaging service.

Libon shows conversations, text messages and voicemails on one chronological list per contact, so you can see a timeline of communications between you. And the voicemail service even allows you to create different personalised messages for individuals or groups.

Libon will also convert voicemail messages into text for you, so you can read them on the fly. And, in reverse, you can type your own voicemail greeting which will be read by your choice of voice from the offered library.

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The free version of Libon includes free HD calls and text messaging between Libon users, a visual voicemail with greetings customisation for up to three different contacts or groups of contacts, text-to-speech functionality, voicemails transcription for Libon contact messages, iPhone and email notification of missed voicemails received and more.

A premium version of the service is also available through in-app purchasing that includes unlimited customised greetings, full-length transcription of all voicemail messages, unlimited storage and email copies of all voicemails. It also includes a full hour of international call talk time per month to landline or mobile numbers in 31 countries.

To find out more, including which countries you can call as part of your Libon Premium subscription, visit www.libon.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.