Many were disappointed with the high prices of EE's 4G tariffs on launch, but now there's an alternative. If you can get yourself a UK 4G compatible handset, you can opt for a SIM-only price plan and cut down your monthly costs greatly.

Additionally, each of the SIM-only plans is on a 12-month contract so you can swap it after a year, or choose to upgrade to one that includes a device.

They start at £21 a month for 500MB - in preference to £36 including a handset. However, 500MB is not a lot considering the only reason you'd want to pay extra for 4G is to use data. As the amount of monthly data rises, naturally so does the cost, but it's still considerably cheaper than the normal tariffs. You'll have to pay £26 a month for 1GB of data, £31 for 3GB, and £36 for 5GB. The 24-month plan, with a handset, is £51 a month for 5GB, so you can see the saving there.

And 12-month plans with a handset cost from £46 a month, minimum.

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At present, the SIM-only plans are only available online, but it should soon be possible to get them in any one of the EE stores too. "We’re really pleased to announce our superfast 4GEE SIM-only plans have launched today for customers," the company says (as posted on

"They are available initially to buy online or over the phone through our customer services team. They will also soon be available in store and we’ll confirm a start date very shortly. The 12-month plans are £15 a onth cheaper than our 24-month plans that include handsets – customers just need to pick their data plan."

When purchasing on, you do need to highlight the manufacturer of your 4G phone because the SIM may vary.