To celebrate the launch of its 4G data service in the UK, EE has released a new version of the iconic viral hit Fenton. Posted online exactly a year after the first video hit the 'net - shot by teenager Jake Goodyear on his phone - the new Fenton: 4GEE Remaster has been directed by Emmy Award winner David Allen.

As it has been released in Full HD (1080p) it has been created to promote the fact that you can have high-quality video streamed using 4G without buffering - although it's worth checking that your data plan offers enough space to watch the clip without curbing other online activities for the rest of the month.

The 1080p version is 46.3MB, so you could watch it only just over 10 times in a month if you have the £36 a month tariff before using up your entire 500MB data limit. Pay £56 a month for 8GB, though, and you could watch it more than 160 times - that's over five times a day (at only 35p a pop). Er...

Regardless, we love Allen's take on the classic video here at Pocket-lint, so you should have a watch. Also, if you visit the EE channel on YouTube, you can flick between the original and the remastered version, which is nice.