EE, the UK's brand new 4G network, has today revealed just how much you'll be asked to pay to get super fast mobile data: it starts at £36 a month.

From Tuesday 30 October 2012, when the 4G EE network officially goes live, you'll be able to get yourself a contract. Promising simplicity, all EE contracts will include unlimited calls and SMS messages, so all you have to do is pick the amount of mobile data you want.

The EE price plans break down as follows:

  • £36 for 500MB a month
  • £41 for 1GB a month
  • £46 for 3GB a month
  • £51 for 5GB a month
  • £56 for 8GB a month

Each of these contracts is for 24 months and you'll still have to pay for the device you plan to use too. That price then varies, based on which contract you take and which phone you want, just as it does now.

If you're after a free phone, but are determined to get onto 4GEE, then the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE is your only option for a free handset, starting on the £41 a month contract, getting you 1GB of data.

All the other handsets - the HTC One XL, Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note II and iPhone 5 - will all cost you extra on top of your monthly contract cost. 

However, all is not lost, as opt for the £46 a month option and you'll be able to get the SGS3 for £29.99. That gives you 3GB of 4G data and comes in at £5 a month more than some of the existing 3G contracts.

Or the iPhone 5 16GB for £49.99, again with the £46 a month contract. Similarly, this isn't too far off the prices you'll be asked for the 3G contract.

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But it's not just about monthly costs. There are also a range of extras that EE is hoping will sweeten the deal.

EE is launching EE Films, a movie service that ties into existing offers like Orange Wednesdays (two for one cinema tickets on Wednesdays), but expanding the offering into movie rentals and downloads, with over 700 films on offer and prices starting from 79p.

If you're worried about losing that precious phone, then EE has a package to keep you covered here too. Called Clone Phone, the service will offer an app with some free of storage, that will offer to preserve your movies, music, contacts, photos. 

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Essentially this replaces services like Orange Care and comes in three flavours: Lite, Loaded and erm, Fully Loaded. Each tier offers a different level of cover, with the top level, at £6 a month, offering 16GB storage, GPS phone tracking, and insurance with 24-hour replacement.

If you happened to pre-purchase a 4G-ready handset from Orange or T-Mobile already, all you'll have to do is pick the new 2-year contract you want to move over to. 

If you're after a SIM only deal, then you'll have to wait until 9 November. SIM only deals with also offer unlimited calls and messages and will cost £15 a month less than the equivalent contract for the same amount of data. As a bonus, SIM only deals are for 12 months, rather than 24.

EE has also confirmed pricing for mobile broadband: 2GB (£15.99), 3GB (£20.99), 5GB (£25.99). There's no word on what device this is for, or if you have to pay extra for hardware, but we'd assume that you will.

So, if you're clamouring for 4G in the UK, here it is: pick your phone, pick your tariff and hand over your cash. Of course, be sure to check you have 4G EE coverage in your area first.