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(Pocket-lint) - EE has confirmed that its UK 4G service will launch on Tuesday, 30 October. While there has been some speculation over this date, the mobile network's boss Olaf Swantee has released a statement to herald the event.

"We are delighted to announce that the official launch of our new customer brand, EE - offering the UK’s first superfast mobile 4G and fibre broadband service - will take place on 30 October 2012," he said.

"This is a significant milestone for the United Kingdom, and for the people and businesses of our country who will now be able to enjoy the huge advantages of superfast 4G technology for the first time."

EE, which encompasses both Orange and T-Mobile networks in the UK, will still be the first to launch a 4G service, but its head start on rivals will be shorter than originally thought.

The major network operators had crisis talks with the British government and Ofcom yesterday, in which the independent regulator that originally granted EE's licence to launch a 4G service on its existing 1800MHz spectrum band agreed to bring forward the auction date for the other available 4G bands to the end of this year.

“We are very proud to be pioneering, innovating and leading our industry in launching 4G for our nation through our new EE brand," said Swantee.

EE will launch in 10 cities on 30 October, with a further six being added by the end of the year. It promises that 98 per cent of the UK will be covered by 2014.

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A number of handsets will be launched to work with the new, faster data service, including the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note II and more. The iPhone 5, when signed up to T-Mobile or Orange, will also be able to access 4G services from launch day.

You can check out the official coverage map at ee.co.uk/coverage.

Writing by Rik Henderson.