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(Pocket-lint) - There have been reports across the US that the new HD Voice feature Apple has included with its iPhone 5 will not be supported by the networks over there. In the UK, however, we don't have that problem as EE, the umbrella firm for Orange and T-Mobile, has confirmed that the wideband audio functionality works just fine.

EE's communications director, Stuart Jackson, revealed on Twitter that the iPhone 5's call quality is excellent. "iPhone 5 is a v.good phone," he posted. "Am using on EE network (obvs). Call quality crystal clear. 3G web feels faster. V.good network/phone integration."

Of course, he could have just been talking about the normal network call standard, possibly enhanced by the improved microphones on the new device. That's why Pocket-lint asked him to elaborate.

"HD Voice?" we asked him.

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His reply revealed all. "Yes indeed. The best version of it I've tested. It's quite startling first time you use it - it's so clear!" he told us.

HD Voice is a wideband audio technology. When used on a supported network, it increases the frequency range allowed for audio signals, and therefore improves the quality significantly. "Crystal clear" is the phrase often bandied around when discussing the radio and telephone tech.

That's one to chalk up for the Brits.

Writing by Rik Henderson.