Andrew Harrison, Carphone Warehouse CEO, has told Pocket-lint that consumers keen to get the new iPhone 5 will be able to do so from Carphone Warehouse when it goes on sale. 

"We are the only retailer to offer the handset across all the major networks and are increasing call centre times to cope with the vast amount of enquiries we’re expecting on this handset," Harrison said in a statement to Pocket-lint. 

"Apple has raised the bar once again with the launch of yet another compelling device and we expect to see unprecedented demand for the handset, accessories and insurance cover. This highly anticipated handset launch, alongside the 4G announcement made this week, has really set the tone to ignite the high street ahead of Christmas 2012.

“We know from our own insights that huge numbers of customers have held back from upgrading their smartphones in anticipation of Apple’s big reveal. Indeed, we estimate that up to 15 per cent of mobile phone users in the UK will upgrade to a smartphone in the next three months and we predict that more consumers than for any other handset launched this year will purchase the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 on EE

Apple has confirmed that it will be available on the new 4G EE network.

iPhone 5 on Vodafone

Vodafone has given us the following statement:

“We welcome the arrival of the iPhone 5 and Vodafone UK plans to offer the new device to our customers. Availability of the device will be announced in due course.”

iPhone 5 on Orange and T-Mobile

We’re sure you’ve seen it, but Apple has just announced that EE will launch an exclusive 4G LTE version of the new iPhone when the EE customer brand launches in the coming weeks, giving customers five times faster network speeds than on 3G.

"Our Orange and T-Mobile customers will also be able to get hold of the iPhone 5 with the biggest and best network and the fastest possible 3G network speeds."

iPhone 5 on O2

iPhone 5 will be available to everyone from 21 September 2012, whether they’re already an O2 customer ready for an upgrade or looking to join O2.  It will be available on O2’s new On & On Pay Monthly tariffs as well as Pay & Go Go Go, O2’s reinvention of Pay & Go. For more information and to register for updates, visit