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(Pocket-lint) - Everything Everywhere has admitted that it won't be ready to launch its 4G service on 11 September, the date it is licensed to do so by Ofcom. Instead, a company source has said that an October unveiling is more likely.

Speaking to Sky News, the "well-placed" source said that Orange and T-Mobile would be ready to roll out their new superfast mobile broadband services later than many are currently reporting. Which would also mean that, should Apple add support for the 1800MHz spectrum band Everything Everywhere will be using to the forthcoming iPhone 5, as Pocket-lint's own sources have suggested, owners won't be able to use such services from day one.

It is currently and widely reported that the new iPhone 5 will be announced by Tim Cook on 12 September and sold from 21 September. If these reports are true - and many claim them to be - the UK's first 4G network will still be at least two weeks away from being accessible.

Of course, as the phone will have also 3G support, that doesn't mean buyers will be restricted to Wi-Fi only, but it will be interesting to see how the phone will be marketed in the weeks before 4G is actually ready.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.