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(Pocket-lint) - The Orange San Diego Intel Atom-powered smartphone will be available to buy on 6 June in the UK. The much-anticipated project marks the first X86 chip Android device in the country and the good news is that it comes at a remarkably reasonable price tag.

The 8-megapixel handset, nee the Orange Santa Clara, is capable of 1080p video capture, HSPA+ and with an HDMI-out to boot, and will cost just £15.50 a month on a two-year contract for £199.99 on PAYG, if that's the way you roll, along with the bonus tempter of 250MB of data a month for the first half of the deal.

But you'll have to be fast, because the £15 deal ends on 25 July - after which you'll have to fork out £20.50 a month for the phone on a two-year contract.

There is a 4.03-inch display on the front with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, making it pretty sharp. It will support Orange's HD Voice service and comes with a dab of Orange customisation, like Orange Gestures for homescreen shortcuts.

The Intel Atom Z2640 SoC (Medfield) at the heart of the San Diego is designed to maximise battery life while still offering good performance, although we'll have to get it into the Pocket-lint labs to find out just how far that claim goes.

What's promised is a 14-day standby life as well as advanced camera settings - including a rapid-fire mode with 10 shots in under a second - and the knowledge that the device will work with "most" non-Intel Android apps.

With 16BG of storage to play with, it doesn't half look like a bad option. Just a shame it only runs Gingerbread.

Writing by Dan Sung.