Orange and T-Mobile customers are set to reap the rewards from the final phase of Everything Everywhere’s "big switch-on".

Both networks will have a wider access to a 3G connection, be it on a smartphone, tablet or dongle, by alternating between each other. Should a device begin to lose its 3G connection on the T-Mobile network for example, the Smart Signal Share facility means the device will automatically locate a 3G signal from Orange, and vice versa.

Though the two networks have previously shared 3G connections, the transfer between the two has had teething troubles, with some reports of calls dropping. With the final phase of Everything Everywhere’s "big switch-on" this transfer will now be both seamless and offer more 3G hotspots around the country. 

Where no 3G connections are available on either network, a device will rely on 2G before reverting back to 3G as soon as it becomes available, be it on Orange or T-Mobile.

Smart Signal Sharing is available to all Orange and T-Mobile customers automatically and call charges and data rates will remain the same no matter what network signal is used.

Everything Everywhere has also been speaking about its desire to proceed with 4G.

Have you noticed an improvement with your Orange and T-Mobile 3G connection? Let us know.