Just in time for the summer holiday season, Orange has announced new EU data roaming plans that make web browsing whilst you're travelling around a bit more affordable.

Notice how we didn't say cheap. And that's because £3 for 30MB isn't exactly a fantastic proposition - although it does compete with what other UK networks are offering (Vodafone is £2 for 25MB for example) so we have to applaud Orange for trying. Although it's clear that the networks still have mobile browsers over a barrel when it comes to data roaming.

The Orange deal works by a pay in advance method and if you don't browse, you don't pay. You can choose between £15/30MB, £50/150MB or £150/500MB monthly bundles and for one off trips, these can be purchased as 30-day bundles.

Liz Wynn, director of In Life, Orange UK, said: "Whether our customers want to upload their latest holiday snaps on Facebook or simply send an email sharing tales and adventures, many people consider internet access an integral part of any trip.

"For this very reason we are introducing the new daily roaming bundle and have already revised existing monthly and 30 day roaming bundles for the EU to help our Pay Monthly customers get the most out of their mobile internet while in Europe."

To get the bundle on your deal, call 150 from your Orange phone.

Pic - TBoard