Following a successful trial of 5 shops launched in February, Everything Everywhere - the dual brand name for Orange and T-Mobile in the UK - has announced that it will open a further 30 stores nationwide.

Everything Everywhere revealed that the stores for the trial led to footfall being up over 25 per cent compared to other communications retail stores, and that customers were 60 per cent more likely to recommend Orange and T-Mobile products and services after their visit.

Tom Alexander, CEO of Everything Everywhere, said: “The new stores will be branded Everything Everywhere and will sell Orange and T-Mobile products. It means that by the end of this year we’ll have created more opportunities for our people, more choice for our customers and more potential for our business.

“The trial results have already shown us that we’ve tapped into an incredibly successful and highly engaging customer experience formula within the Everything Everywhere format, and that our two brands Orange and T-Mobile, as well as our customers, are benefiting.”

Is this the beginning of the end for Orange and T-Mobile as separate brands in the UK?

It's looking more and more likely as Everything Everywhere is fast becoming a household name and, with stores popping up all over the place, the brand will only become more recognisable to Joe and Joanna Public.

How long until we see Everything Everywhere appearing on handsets, or special tariffs in its name?