Building a complete iDevice family is never cheap. Thankfully Orange have some decent savings to help keep you in shiny brushed aluminium kit. 

The network has decided to go for an iPhone and iPad 2 all-in-one deal, in the shape of the connected plan. Currently available at a discount to Orange customers, the tariff sees you paying £65 per month for 2GB of shared data between devices, with an initial £99 outlay for a 16GB iPhone and iPad 2. Those outside the network who want in on the action will have to pay an extra £50. Orange is also offering larger storage on the iPhone and iPad 2, all of which go up in price as the GBs increase. We totalled the contract and found it came to £1659 all-in.

A bit of clever maths work later and we figured out that you could get a very similar offering, just without the unlimited texts, for £1658. Pick up an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4 separately and not only will you save a pound, but you will also get an extra 500Mb of data. An 18 month contract with an iPhone 4 on £35 per month gets you the same deal as the connected plan just without unlimited texts. Admittedly you are limited to 500Mb of data on your iPhone, but then you have a whole 2GB to play with on your iPad 2 and a shorter contract, which means a new phone earlier. 

If you are the sort of person who tends to be data-heavy on their iPhone then the connected plan is definitely the one for you. Not many networks offer the same amount of data for the price, apart from Three, who's all-you-can-eat plan lets you download, email and surf to your hearts content. 

We like the idea of one bill to rule them all over at Pocket-lint, but we like shared data even better. Imagine a package which brings home broadband and mobile data all in one, allowing you to split it up as you see fit...nice. 

Fancy an all in one data plan? Or do you like getting multiple bills....