We've know since the announcement of the HTC ChaCha - or ChaChaCha for our Spanish readers - that the Facebook phone with a QWERTY keyboard was coming to the UK in Q2, but now Pocket-lint can confirm which month exactly: June.

T-Mobile has just added the HTC ChaCha to it’s coming-soon page, allowing those interested in snapping up the Android 2.3 touting smartphone to keep posted on it’s specific launch details.

The UK operator is the first out of the gate with the launch details, although it’s not got any information on the HTC Salsa – its touchscreen-only brother.

Both have a dedicated button to let you “Facebook”, as HTC tries to appeal to the social networking masses even more than it already does with it’s Friend Stream service. The idea will be to allow users to instantly check-in to places and update their status at the press of the dedicated button.

We will keep you posted.

- Hands-off with the HTC ChaCha