Vodafone recently told us how the snow at the end of November led to a massive boom in MMS sending, as people around the UK swapped pictures of their white covered streets and snowman efforts.

And now Orange is predicting that with the snow set to continue (or for the frozen snow that is already there not likely to melt anytime soon) we're going to be going text and MMS mad over the Christmas period.

“With the prospect of a white Christmas now looking stronger than ever, we expect to see a bumper number of picture and text messages being sent as customers share their perfect white Christmas moments”, said an Orange spokesperson.

The network expects to see 1.6 million picture messages sent on Christmas Day, which would be a 33 per cent increase on 2009.

Orange has also predicted that the amount of text messages sent on New Year's eve is set to smash previous records with 159 million likely to be sent - up 27 per cent on last year's 125 million.

Will you be sending your pals pictures of your Xmas snowman? Or maybe just a nice shot of that lovely jumper that your nan will get you? And are you getting a new phone for Christmas to send them on? Fill us in using the comments function below.