There's always one isn't there? One person who can't just be the sort of early adopter that simply owns a device on the day of its release. No, this type of person of which we speak is a dedicated, passionate tech-fan. HE/she wants to be the first. Second is nowhere.

And, for Windows Phone 7, that person was Andrew Willett, 22, from Battersea.

Andrew queued from 5.45am, outside the Orange store on Oxford Street, London, to grab himself the Samsung Omnia 7.

He'd been waiting a long time for this, even putting up with a PAYG deal whilst he waited for the launch.

But now he's all signed up with Orange and Microsoft and ready to go. And Pocket-lint was on hand to ask him exactly what it was about Windows Phone 7 that rocked his boat.

"I've used Windows Mobile before, and I've used the iPhone and Android a bit, and this is the first time that Microsoft has come out with a serious contender in the market", he said.

"I'm really excited about Zune because I can get all my music on there. I pay £8 a month for my subscription and I can listen to unlimited music on my phone, my Xbox and my PC and, if I see a track that I like, I can just start streaming it from free".

"Also there's Xbox LIVE, Bing, Maps and lots of other properties on there that I'm really excited about.

When asked why he chose the Samsung Omnia 7 over Orange's other offering, the HTC Mozart, he replied:

"It's got an OLED screen so the colour is just very vibrant. It's got really deep blacks and the blacks don't take any power to display so the battery life is improved - something that the iPhone doesn't have".

So there you have it. Andrew Willett is on board the good ship Windows Phone 7. Will you be?

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