Over in the US of A, T-Mobile has announced that it is expanding its Wi-Fi calling option to its Android handsets.

This means that customers will be able to make use of the Wi-Fi network to call their Android-endowed buddies, rather than using up any minutes on their mobile phone contracts.

The service will work straight out of the box, on handsets such as the recently announced new MyTouch and the Motorola Defy, via a link up with Kineto and its Smart Wi-Fi app.

"T-Mobile’s expansion of Wi-Fi Calling to Android smartphones is an excellent innovation, and part of our ongoing initiatives on behalf of our customers to enhance indoor coverage", said Torrie Dorrell, vice president, connected family products and services at T-Mobile USA.

"This new execution of Wi-Fi Calling technology helps us ensure that our customers’ Android-powered smartphones can keep them connected to the important people in their lives where they work, live or play".

Wi-Fi calling for Android is expected to become widely available for US T-Mobile users in the "coming months". There's no word yet if we'll be seeing a similar scheme on this side of the Atlantic.