Okay, so the Nokia 5230 isn't likely to raise the excitement levels when you pull it out of your pocket, but, with the latest super-budget deal from T-Mobile it is a cheap gateway to mobile web browsing and music downloading.

T-Mobile is selling the Nokia touchscreen device for £99 on Pay-As-You-Go, and it comes with 6 months of free internet access, a load of texts and a year's free access to Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Store, the reborn Comes With Music incarnation.

Once you top up your 5230 for the first time you'll get the internet access and, when the 6 months is up, you can pay £20 for 6 more. You'll need to top up £10 a month to get the free texts.

Nicola Shenton, head of handset and device marketing at T-Mobile UK said:

"The incredibly popular Nokia 5230 is the perfect all-rounder, offering customers a huge range of exclusive benefits all for under £100. With internet access and music downloads free from the moment you register the phone, the Nokia 5230 Ovi Music Unlimited on T-Mobile makes the perfect fuss-free Christmas gift".

For £99, we can't really argue with her. If you're stuck as to what to get your little Tween relatives for Christmas then this handset might just be the answer.