Coming to the network provider in October, T-Mobile has announced its price plan for the HTC Desire HD, and the handset will be offered for free. Nada. Nothing.

Of course, that will be on a contract and, unlike with many other phones, the carrier is only offering one plan for now; £40 per month for 24 months. Further details will emerge closer to release, but that's it at the moment. At least it keeps things simple.

Pocket-lint also hasn't been told what that £40 will include, how many minutes, texts and, vitally, the limits on data usage.

We expect that it'll be similar to the equivalent iPhone 4 plan: £40 per month gets you 900 minutes, 500 Texts and 500MB Internet usage. But then, you still have to pay £89 (at least) for the handset.

Certainly, T-Mobile itself believes that users of the HTC Desire HD will be using a fair amount of data per month. Nicola Shenton, head of Handset and Device Marketing at T-Mobile UK said: “The original HTC Desire has been extremely popular with our customers, and the Desire HD takes what was great about the Desire and builds on this for an even richer user experience".

Crucially, she adds: "The handset is ideal for multimedia fans who want everything from their phone, and with thousands of apps available from Android Marketplace, customers can fully customise their phone to make it their own".

When we find out more, we'll let you know.

What do you think? Would you be willing to sign a £40 per month contract for a free HTC Desire HD? Let us know in the comments below...