Although Vodafone is the launch partner for the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the UK, it is highly unlikely that it will have much of a window of exclusivity. Not only has Samsung stated that it is in talks with multiple operators in the country (and worldwide), but Pocket-lint spied the tablet on show on the T-Mobile stand at IFA, Berlin.

Samsung is confident that many vendors will be stocking the Galaxy Tab, so much so that it is willing to consider different colour schemes (for the rear plate) for different network providers: "Depending on the operator, colour can be changed - it is their choice", says WP Hong, executive vice president and head of Product Planning Team, Mobile HQ. Current choices are "white or black".

He also claims that the talks with carriers have actually already been completed: "From America and the European carriers, all the way to China, we have already agreed deals", says Hong.

These individual deals will also determine price and availability in each territory: "Pricing is to be decided by the mobile operators", says DJ Lee, senior vice president and head of Global Sales & Marketing, Mobile HQ. "The final launch dates will also be decided by the carriers themselves".

That's believed to be in October, but further details are sketchy. Vodafone is yet to announce either pricing or release dates.

However, a Vodafone Galaxy Tab could shortly be followed by a T-Mobile version. The device was displayed, albeit in few numbers, on the operator's stand at IFA, and although that could mean that it has the rights for Germany, an assistant at the show stated that it "will be available throughout Europe".

It complies with some of Pocket-lint's own sources, who claim that Vodafone doesn't have a lengthy exclusive and that it is expected that "other carriers" will also have the Samsung device in their portfolio in the near future.

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