Back in May, Orange group device guru Patrick Remy showed off the Orange Boston - a budget Android device that, although not available in the UK, gave an indication of a range of budget Android phones that Orange planned on releasing under its own branding this year.

And now reports have emerged about the first of these devices, which Orange has codenamed Project JAL.

The report states that the Project JAL handset is a slim, touchscreen device with a 3-megapixel camera and running Android 2.1.

When we spoke to Remy, he told us the plan was for a range of Android 1.6 devices, so maybe the plan has changed somewhat.

Price-wise, Remy was keen to stress that all devices would be under 120 euros, so expect to see Project JAL come to fruition in a handset that will sell for around the £100 mark.

We've contacted our people at Orange for more details and we'll give them to you when we've heard back.

In the meantime, check out the photos of the Orange Boston in order to get a sense of what Project JAL may look like.

Update: Orange's official position on this is: "We can confirm we will be unveiling Android models in our own device range in the coming months, and will announce further details nearer the time."