Everything Everywhere, the ridiculous moniker that Orange and T-Mobile have adopted as their new company name is now an official entity.

This means all employees who previously worked for Orange or T-Mobile now work for Everything Everywhere and there will be a major re-branding effort across the businesses including company HQs, business cards and even staff email addresses.

Tom Alexander, chief executive of Everything Everywhere Ltd said:

“The formal integration of our new company, Everything Everywhere Limited, is another major milestone and reflects the rapid progress we have made over the past nine months".

“Today we have created the country’s biggest communications company, and as the new leader in the industry, it is our aspiration to give our customers instant access to the world around them, to everything everywhere, through both of our brands, Orange and T-Mobile”.

There's no arguing with Tom that the merger makes Everything Everywhere the largest network in the UK. But surely, they could have come up with a better name. At least one that doesn't sound like the sound-bite from a cheesy David Cameron/Tony Blair speech.

What do you lot think? Good name or not? We think not, but you never know, it might grow on us.