Orange has announced, via its Twitter feed, that it will be providing micro-SIM adaptors to its iPhone 4 customers.

The adaptors simply make the micro-SIM regular sized and, therefore, mean that you'd be able to transfer your SIM into a different phone if you wanted to and still take advantage of your data plan.

The adaptors would also let you take your micro-SIM out of your iPad and use them in a phone, although this may be against the terms of your agreement.

We've also heard that O2 will also be offering these adaptors, although you won't get one automatically with your iPhone 4 order, you'll have to pop into an O2 shop to get your hands on one - although it won't cost you a jot.

Orange, along with O2 and Vodafone, has revealed its iPhone 4 pricing details, but we are still waiting to hear from T-Mobile, Three and Tesco.

Just in case you've been living down a hole for the last few weeks, the iPhone 4 is out on 24 June - you can read all about it right here.