Orange is the first UK mobile phone network to come clean with its iPhone 4 pricing strategy.

For the 16GB version the only way you'll be able to get the device for free is if you take up the £75 a month contract for 2 years. Otherwise you're looking at £169 on a £30 a month deal, £119 on a £35 a month deal, £89 for £40 a month or £29 for £45 a month.

The 18-month contracts are more expensive as you'd expect. You'll have to fork out between £99 and £229 depending on how much you want to pay out monthly.

For the 32GB version you're looking at about £90-£110 more on top of the 16GB packages on both 18- and 24-month contracts.

Orange is stating unlimited mobile web browsing, but, as always there's the dreaded fair usage policy. This is set at 750MB, which is hardly unlimited. There is 750MB worth of Wi-Fi browsing via BT Openzone thrown in though. Tethering bundles start from £5 a month, although on the 2 year, £75 a month deal, you'll get 3GB included in your package.

The full breakdown of Orange's monthly deals can be seen here.

Orange is also offering the iPhone 4 for £480 (16GB) or £570 (32GB) on PAYG, which is a few quid cheaper than Apple is selling the device for. Presumably, Orange's PAYG handsets will be network locked though, we'll find out and confirm ASAP.