Orange has found an answer to the age old problem of the sun's rays reflecting off your mobile's screen - a difficulty which can occur when watching video in a park or perhaps even the beach - by developing a mobile phone sun visor.

Especially relevant this summer - as folk take in all the World Cup football action - this holy grail of mobile phone accessories uses special "sun shielding" technology, deflecting the sun's rays away from the screen.

Steve Wallage, head of pport partnerships and services for Orange UK said: "Based on the surge in demand for mobile TV during the Ashes last summer, we expect viewing figures could rocket by at least 74% during the World Cup. Orange’s mobile phone visors have been designed so fans can watch games wherever they are, whenever they want".

Orange are doing a limited run on the mobile phone visors, which will take the form of give-aways. Or alternatively you can make your own by downloading a template from the Orange website.

And remember if you want to watch footy on your mobile this summer Orange customers can watch games shown on ITV1 live, by purchasing a mobile TV package for £5 per month.