A staggering 81 per cent of Brits have faked a phone call on their mobile to get out of an embarrassing or otherwise unwanted situation.

Mobile operator Orange has revealed in a UK survey that one in eight of those polled admit to pretending to get a call or be on the phone during certain circumstances. For example, 11 per cent have faked an important call to get out of an awkward date. And a third of those polled would rather pretend to speak to someone on the phone, than be forced to catch up with an old friend on the street.

Orange now even offers an app that helps by calling you during uncomfortable times. Fake a Call costs £2 and is available through the Orange App Store, or by texting FAKE to 247. 

Now, if only they thought of something to get rid of those unwanted phone calls.

Orange's top five reasons to fake a call

- To appear busy when waiting for a friend (37 per cent)

- To avoid speaking to an old friend you bump into (31 per cent)

- To get out of a dull date (11 per cent)

- To look popular (11 per cent)

- To get out of a meeting at work (7 per cent)