You've had a look at the iPad prices and you've done your sums. You can just about afford the 3G version, but only if the data plans aren't too expensive. If only one of the networks would release the details, you'd be able to relax. Well, you're in luck because Orange has done exactly that. And the prices don't look too bad.

There's four options available: Pay as you go, daily, weekly and monthly. With the PAYG option, each MB will cost 5p, up to a maximum of £40 in a month (so 800MB in total). This will appeal to users who will only use their iPad for emails or a bit of light surfing when out and about.

Next up is the daily option at £2 for up to 200MB worth of data for you to use before midnight, this can be bought on an ad-hoc basis. The weekly option takes this limited data plan a bit further - £7.50 for 1GB's worth of 3G data. It might be an idea to try out these plans before deciding whether you need to opt for the final option - the monthly plans.

Orange has put two packages in place - Monthly 15 and Monthly 25, naturally costing £15 and £25 per month respectively. The major difference between them is either a 3GB limit or a 10GB limit, but both also grant access to unlimited Wi-Fi when away from home via BT's Openzone - subject to the dreaded fair usage rules, obviously.

Remember, these limits are simply for 3G plans, you can still hammer your Wi-Fi plan for all that it's worth.

No word from O2 or Vodafone as of yet about their plans, but as soon as we know, you'll know.