T-Mobile has confirmed that it will have the new HTC Desire in stock and in store from Monday 29 March, for those keen to get the power of the Google Nexus One with Sense UI.

The phone, first announced at Mobile World Congress in February, is the company's latest flagship model, sporting a 1Ghz processor and a stack of other tricks with a new and improved Sense interface. It will also be sporting Android 2.1.

The confirmation comes from a T-Mobile forum via a forum team leader:

"We can confirm that the HTC Desire is now available to order from our website, with a delivery time of around 7 days, and will be available in stores from Monday 29th March. A technical glitch which had shown the device as out of stock has now been amended, and we apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused".

A quick call to the other UK operators stocking the HTC Desire doesn't really clear up when the HTC Desire will be in stock elsewhere.

Vodafone gave us a "very soon" comment, O2 meanwhile have told Pocket-lint that it will "be launching the HTC Desire but it’s currently undergoing testing – we only release handsets on our networks when the customer experience is exactly right."

Orange are still saying that will shipping in "early April".

We will update the post with more information when we have it.