T-Mobile has officially announced the launch of the Windows Mobile 6.5 touting HTC HD2 for the 24 March in the US.

The phone, which we first reviewed in the UK in November 2009, has finally made it stateside on the T-Mobile network.

Americans keen to get some of that "big screen" action will have to pay $199.99 if they opt for a 2-year-contract, but can bypass that contract time if they are happy to pay $449.99.

The HTC HD2 has been under the spotlight recently over whether or not it could be upgradable to Windows Phone 7 Series. Microsoft confirmed at the beginning of March to Pocket-lint that it won't be.

Meanwhile rumours are already starting to surface that the HTC HD3, HTC's Windows Phone 7 Series offering will be launched later this year.

With an estimated 9 months until the launch of the new operating system, T-Mobile is clearly hoping that won't bother prospective owners.