Earlier in the year, Orange conducted a bunch of research aiming to discover how universal access to mobile and fixed-line broadband might change the demographics and distribution of the UK's population.

The results have now been published on a map hosted on Orange's website, which shows which cities could explode or shrink if mobile broadband and fixed-line services were fast and reliable enough to work on.

The results show Scotland and the West Country increasing in population - 58% for the former, and a huge 158% for the latter. London's also predicted to increase 40%, with a small 5% population increase predicted for Wales.

The North and Midlands, however, didn't prove popular. The North East could shrink 35%, as could Yorkshire and Humber. The West Midlands will shrink 81% and the East Midlands would suffer similarly, seeing a 70% decrease. The North West would just shrink 9.5% and the South East could reduce 3%.

If you're curious, Orange has uploaded the full brochure of results in PDF format. Oh, and there's a little quiz to find out which part of the country might suit you the most, which pegged us completely wrong. Give it a go.