It seems Vodafone is not the only operator to get its claws out in a timely manner as Orange becomes the second operator to offer the iPhone in the UK, as 3 has revealed - on the day of the Orange iPhone launch - it has put in a formal complaint to the ASA about Orange's new advertising campaign.

While Orange and O2's price plans for the iPhone are very similar, it seems Orange is hoping to appeal to consumers on the strength of its 3G network with a new £4 million "You're Covered" advertising campaign.

However, 3 is taking issue with Orange's claim that its 3G network "currently covers over 93% of the UK population - more than any other network", and has asked Ofcom to put measures in place for a more consistent way to of calculating coverage.

"We're confident that we have the biggest 3G network in the UK, both in terms of geographic and population coverage, built on a 9192 site network that grows by around 150 sites each week", says 3.

"But it's no surprise consumers are being confused about coverage. Right now each operator chooses a population coverage measurement that suits it. We currently claim 92% coverage. We could use a measure used elsewhere in the industry that would boost our claimed population coverage to 95% in an instant, without reaching a single extra customer".

"We're happy to open up our network to a third-party to judge. We"d like to see a common standard applied across the industry, to give consumers a more realistic picture of 3G coverage available to UK consumers on all networks".