2 years and a day after the first iPhone went on sale in the UK through O2, another operator is now officially offering Apple's mobile to UK consumers.

From today, the iPhone can now be bought on a pay as you go basis, or subsidised on a monthly contract through Orange.

Rather than undercutting its competition, the tariffs Orange is offering are similar to O2's, although Orange's 750MB "unlimited" data has raised eyebrows.

So will Orange's boasts of the best 3G coverage across the UK be enough to persuade people to go Orange?

The Carphone Warehouse says it expects to sell one million iPhone handsets in total by Christmas with the arrival of the iPhone 3G and 3GS on Orange and has created the "Orange Apples" display, pictured here, to mark the launch.

Will Orange unveil sales stats? (update - yes) Will O2 fight back with more than just a broadband deal? We will keep you posted...