Orange has now officially confirmed what we've previously reported - it will offer the iPhone in the UK from 10 November.

The iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available in Orange stores on Tuesday 10 November from 7am in certain stores with some shops staying open late.

The iPhone will be available on Orange in all Orange stores, online, at Orange HMV concessions, as well as through Apple Retail Stores, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U.

Revealing that a quarter of a million have pre-registered interest for the Apple phone, Orange says it will offer the iPhone on a pay as you go basis, to pay-monthly customers and to business customers too.

As far as pay as you go goes, customers who top-up £50 at purchase will get an iPhone 3G for £333 while the iPhone 3GS 32GB will be £539. This compare's to O2's pricing of £538.30.

The pay as you go deals offer just 250MB of data each month, plus a year's BT Openzone access.

On a pay monthly basis the iPhone 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models will be available on various monthly plans, with the 3GS 16GB free on all £45 plans and the 3G model free from £30 plans - both with a 24-month contract.

The cheapest monthly contract, a £29.36 per month, 2-year contract will see the iPhone 3GS 32GB charged at £225 with the handset only available free for those paying out for a £73.40 a month contract. In terms of data, Orange has a "fair usage" allowance of 750MB per month.

O2's free handset structure for the 3GS 32GB is similar, although it charges £274.23 for the phone on lower-cost 18-month tariffs and £175.19 for the device on its 24-month £34.26 plan.

iPhone owners who want to use their iPhone to get mobile broadband on their laptop can take out additional tethering bundles starting at £5 per month.