If you're a lover of the Axim Pocket PC then we have bad news. Dell has announced it will be Discontinuing it's Axim line of handhelds.

First introduced in 2002, the company has decided that the Axim X51 Family will no longer be offered. There are no further plans to launch a new product in the category. The original conception of Axim handhelds brought lower prices to the market costing customers several hundreds of pounds.

The range, in which Dell had expanded to include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, reached stiff competition with the introduction of smart phones, that integrated all the Pocket PC features with telephony.

However, it has been sometime since a new model was released. In fact over 18 months ago the Axim X51 came out, in autumn 2005.

We will keep you posted of any new Pocket PCs due out, but for now, farewell to the Axim handheld PC.