Dell has updated its 5-inch Dell Streak tablet-come-phone to Android 2.2 this week, and Pocket-lint has managed to grab a handset off Dell for a quick review to see what’s new and what the update brings users.

The biggest change is the introduction of a new User Interface called Dell Stage, that sees apps, songs, web pages, and photos bundled into collections and then presented as “Stages” for you to access.

There are eight stages at the moment and these are: Contacts, Email, Gallery, Home, Music, Social, Web.

Users can add to remove them how they see fit, and underneath the skin is still the standard Android looking tiles that allow you to place your favourite apps.

Also new is the addition of quick launch buttons with the emphasis on being quick. Press the small dots in the bottom corners of the screen and you’ll have about half a second to touch the correlating home tile.

Beyond the Dell Stage skin users will be getting a whole host of additions which include: improved performance & memory management, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, support for more apps like the native Twitter client, Skype for Android, the Firefox Beta browser, Live Wallpapers,  the ability to create a portable W-iFi hotspot, an improved more-responsive phone dialler interface and enhanced Microsoft Exchange support.

The Dell Android 2.2 is currently rolling out to Dell Streak users now.

Dell Streak review