Hiding on the "business" floor at the London Windows Phone 7 launch event was the Dell Venue Pro 7 not due in the UK till November, but here nonetheless to be caught on our Sigma 28-70mm lens for you to see.

So what do you get? Well as the pictures show, a bloody big phone - you'll need two hands to hold we hasten to add. Okay that might be over stating things slightly, but it's big, very big.  

That size is down to the bright, crisp 4.1-inch OLED screen and slide out QWERTY keyboard, from the bottom rather than the side, that gives it a "BlackBerry" appeal.

As for the rest of the specs, you'll get the now all-too-common 1Ghz processor, 8GB or 16GB of storage and Windows Phone 7 running it all.

Dell, unlike Samsung and HTC, won't be offering a "Hub" with dedicated apps, but does say that it's working on something for the future.

As for build quality, it's very good. The sliding motion was strong, the back touchy-feely enough and the keyboard easy to use, if not a little tight.

And as to why the QWERTY keyboard slides out the bottom? "Why not?" was the response we got from Dell with word that it might (hint) be working on a model with a slide-out keyboard in landscape as well.